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Product News - New Plant-Floor Tools: Production Reporting Software;Sensor Simulator

December 1, 1999

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Product News - New Plant-Floor Tools: Production Reporting Software;Sensor Simulator

New Plant-Floor Tools: Production Reporting Software; Sensor Simulator

PN 18-12/99RJG has introduced a new production reporting software package, as well as a Sensor Simulator, which is designed to check the operation of transducers, cables and data collection equipment.

Software DARTPro production reporting software integrates a system-wide solution for tracking and analyzing production, scrap and downtime information. The software generates production reports on such information as cycle time, downtime, run time, plant efficiency and rejects, among others.

DARTPro also provides for manual input of downtime and scrap codes from any computer connected to the DARTVision network. DARTPro can be seamlessly integrated into the DARTVision system, allowing for automation of scrap reporting, while maintaining the flexibility to manually scrap parts from post-molding processes.

Customization and entry of downtime and scrap codes can be accomplished from any networked computer. The software also provides Pareto charts of downtime and scrap reasons so users can track and analyze plant efficiencies, showing the 'worst offenders.'

Pricing is quite complex and involves quantity discounts. Please contact RJG directly for this information. Use the Key Contact Directory.

Sensor simulator is a hand-held instrument designed for a variety of troubleshooting applications, including checking the operation of transducers, cables and data collecting devices. It can also be used to validate machine transfer set points and to assist in ISO-9000 verification of RJG's data acquisition hardware and software.

The Sensor Simulator has seven switch-selectable voltage outputs and includes a test cable. For troubleshooting, it can be plugged into a system at various locations to isolate a problem. If the value displayed on the data collection device matches that on the Simulator, then the device is working correctly.

Through a process of elimination, each transducer can be checked for proper operation (i.e., no offset shifts, open bridge, linearity, etc.) against the known good bridge in the Simulator.

Unit works with the manufacturer's DARTScanner, DARTPAK and other DART data acquisition devices. It is priced at $295.

RJG, Inc.
Traverse City, MI

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