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May 1, 1999

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Product News - New Pump Tank Designed For Central Chiller Towers

New Pump Tank Designed For Central Chiller Towers

pn0-599.jpgAdvantage Engineering has introduced what it says is a truly new pump tank design for central chilled and tower water systems. Called the Tough Tank, the design incorporates both cylindrical and rectangular elements that are rotomolded of linear-low-density polyethylene. The entire unit is thus non-corrosive and will not rust or leak, the company says.

The main water-holding reservoir is cylindrical for structural strength, while the rectangular base section allows for non-tangential pump attachment ports. This, in turn, allows process piping to be attached via molded-in ports, including the primary process flow piping.

A manway is molded into the tank top, with an easy-access manway cover supplied as a standard feature. In addition, the tank is partitioned for the 'hot' and 'cold' operation that is necessary for the central system requirements in the plastics industry.

The shape is also said to use floor space efficiently and to allow easy pump and piping attachment. Future field piping attachment changes, where desired, are also easy.

According to Tough Tank designer, Ron Wolfe, the tank is not a 'farm supply store' plastic tank with pumps attached. "All design attributes are based on the needs of the plastics industry requirements for central water systems. We built custom molds to incorporate these needs," says Wolfe, who is Vice President and Engineering Manager of Advantage Engineering.

Other design features include:

  • One-piece seamless construction for leak-free operation

  • Consistent wall thickness of 3/8 in.

  • Molded-in connections for probes, gages and sampling

  • Separation baffle

  • Molded-in fork slots for easy moving

  • In-line manifolding of pumps (eliminates tangential mounting of pumps)

  • Structural steel pump deck

PN 0-a 5/99The Tough Tank will initially be available in 860- and 1600-gal capacities. It can be floor mounted without a separate base. An optional stacking   stand allows the pump station assembly to be installed beneath the tank. This allows tower system capacities of up to 270 tons to be installed in a 56-sq-ft space.

In addition, Tough Tank will accommodate up to 40 hp, 810 gal/min pump systems, with plumbed-in standby pumps, fully automatic controls, alarms and water-level controls.

For lower capital cost installations, the tank can be shipped separately for owner installation. A minimum component console is also available.

Other standard features:

  • Pre-wired motor starters with overload protection

  • NEMA rated electrical cabinetry

  • Thermometers for 'to process' and 'from process' temperatures

  • Thermostat control of tower fan (on tower applications)

  • Automatic water make-up system

  • Overflow port

  • Drain port with shut-off valve

  • Insulation for chilled water applications

Standard pump-related features:

  • Centrifugal pumps with bronze impellers

  • Motor hp from 2 to 60

  • Gal/min from 40 to 1250

  • Suction service valves

  • Discharge service valves

As with other Advantage central system designs, future capacity expansion is 'designed in.' Using an equalizing system, two tanks can be merged to serve as one. Thus, the Tough Tank system can grow with the processor.

When installed with the company's Power Tower evaporative tower cooling cell, the entire system "uses the highest level of technical attributes available," according to Wolfe. The combination creates a nearly all-plastic cooling tower system.

Tough Tank also couples with central chilled water system modules, specifically the firm's CCH-WPT and CCH-APT models. It is also compatible with competitively supplied chilling modules or cooling tower cells.

Wolfe adds that the tank serves ideally in replacement installations where existing tank and pump setups are either under capacity or becoming functionally obsolete.

A number of options are available, including:

  • Pre-wired and manifolded standby pump with suction and discharge valves

  • Alarm beacon for process water temperature and pressure

  • Electric water make-up system

  • Central control console with NEMA 12 cabinet and oil-tight conduit, power distribution block, 'power on' indicator, 'on/off' operators and branch circuit fusing

  • Digital annunciator display with selectable displays for 'to process,' 'from process,' 'evaporator or tower in' and 'evaporator or tower out' temperatures; system start/stop pushbuttons; status display for each pump; individual switches for each pump; alarm indications and tank water level indication.

Pricing has not yet been set but Advantage says it will be significantly lower than that of equivalent welded steel tanks. In addition, standard cooling tower system deliveries are anticipated to be considerably shortened.

Advantage Engineering, Inc.
Greenwood, IN

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