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January 1, 1999

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Product News - Parts Separator, Indexing Control Unit Among Product Announcements

Parts Separator, Indexing Control Unit Among Product Announcements

pn4.jpgEMI Plastics Equipment has introduced a new parts separator for sprue/gate removal and a 'plug and play' indexing control unit for retrofitting conveyors. In addition, the company has modified the adjustment mechanism on its aluminum adjustable angle conveyor (AK Model).  

Parts separator This economical unit (around $400) is designed to remove the sprue/gate system from large parts as they move from one conveyor to the next.

As parts are removed from the first conveyor, they pass over a specially designed rack (or grate) separator. Parts pass over, while the smaller sprue/gate drops through the grate into a container below. This unit can be individually configured to accommodate almost any size parts or sprue/gate systems.

Indexing control unit The S-44-R is a 'plug and play' indexing control unit that can be added to new conveying systems that may not offer indexing control as an option.

Unit has a twist lock plug system that allows a conveyor to be plugged directly into it. To install, the user replaces the existing conveyor plug with the twist lock plug and then plugs the conveyor into the control.

To receive an input signal for the conveyor to move, a signal plug is wired into a robot or press (or any other piece of equipment using a normally dry contact) and then plugged into the control unit receptacle. This allows a signal to be sent to the conveyor through an adjustable time relay in the control unit. The conveyor will run for the preset time and then stop and wait for the next signal.

The indexing control unit is said to reduce set-up times by eliminating the need to hardwire, drill holes, etc. In addition to adding indexing control to such functions like robotic and box-filling functions, the unit is said also to provide flexibility for short runs or when indexing may be needed on different machines at different times.

The system includes a NEMA 1 enclosure, a time delay relay, a twist lock plug and a signal plug. For applications that will index the conveyor more than once every three minutes, the company recommends using a variable-speed, dc motor drive package.

Price is $550 for systems with drive units of 1/2 hp or less and $599 for 220-v applications.

pn5.jpgScrew-adjustable scissors jack The adjustment mechanism on the manufacturer's AK Model aluminum adjustable angle conveyor has been redesigned to simplify adjustment. The new design, which is standard on all units, features a screw-adjustable scissors jack, which can be adjusted by one person.

The discharge angle on this unit can be adjusted from 15 to 45 deg. Recessed hold-down rollers provide a  smooth transition of the belt plane from horizontal to incline.

AK Model conveyors can be built to almost any size or configuration and prices range according to size. A 3-ft model with a 9-in. belt is $2243 while a 10-ft model with a 24-in. belt is $4702.

EMI Plastics Equipment
Jackson Center, OH

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