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Product News - Profiler Enhances Laser-Cutting Robot

August 1, 1999

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Product News - Profiler Enhances Laser-Cutting Robot

Profiler Enhances Laser-Cutting Robot

pn24-899.jpgThe ProfileStar enhanced profiler for laser-cutting robots is said to accurately and quickly cut squares, circles, slots and other holes ranging from 2 to 180 mm in diameter. The ProfileStar was developed so that small intricate cuts could be made with no movement from the robots other axes, although the other axes can be used to cut holes larger than 180 mm in diameter.

To make things simple, the robot's controller has a pre-defined library of shapes. ProfileStar was recently exhibited at the 1999 Robot Show with the manufacturer's SK45A robot and a CO2 laser. This robot has a payload capacity of 99.2 lb, an increased wrist torque, a maximum reach of 70.35 in. and  repeatability of ± 0.006 in.

The CO2 laser is said to provide the lowest operating costs in the industry, estimated at less than $6/hr. In addition, the high-quality cuts lead to improved part tolerances to facilitate subsequent processes, such as automated welding. Various CO2 laser power levels are available, ranging from 300 watts up to 2.5 kw.

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West Carrollton, OH

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