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December 1, 1998

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Product News - Quick-Connect And Release Ejector 'Tie-In' Device

Quick-Connect And Release Ejector 'Tie-In' Device

pn18-1298.jpgFasTie is a simple mechanism that is designed to 'tie in' the mold ejector plate to the press injection system.

Hardened steel studs are threaded into the ejector plate. During mold setting, the ball ends of the studs are engaged by couplers that are connected to the press ejection system with extension bars. Optional adapters allow for precise adjustment of the extension bar lengths. The studs install into existing tapped holes in mold ejector plates.

When a mold is pulled, a pneumatic piston in the FasTie coupler is operated to quickly disconnect the tie-in extension bars.

According to the manufacturer, FasTie will:

  • ensure positive ejector plate return by tying in the mold ejector plate with the press ejection system;

  • provide cost-effective and reliable crash protection for tools;

  • remain coupled during mold cycling, which increases tie-in reliability and minimizes wear;

  • simplify ejector plate tie-in on all tools and reduce mold setting time and frustration;

  • uncouple quickly via an integral pneumatic piston, which disconnects the tie-in extension bars.

Unit has no loose parts to stow after a mold is pulled. Studs remain with the mold and couplers remain with the press ejection system. Two or four sets of FasTie are typically required. They are priced at $200/set.

Burger Engineering, Inc.
Olathe, KS

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