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May 1, 1999

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Product News - Robot News: 'Open' Teach Pendants, Faster Servos And QuickerDelivery

Robot News: 'Open' Teach Pendants, Faster Servos And Quicker Delivery

pn27-599.jpgRanger Automation has introduced a fully teachable control pendant for its line of sprue pickers, as well as a high-speed model for its RTS-Servo line of robots.

In addition, the company says it recently retooled its manufacturing operations to offer deliveries as short as two weeks on standard models. And for those readers who don't know, Ranger sells components and will build end-of-arm-tooling for any manufacturer's robot. 

Teachable sprue picker The fully open teach pendant is not limited to pre-formatted motions from the factory and thus allows users to create any motion sequence. Any action can be taught to come on at any time and in any sequence, according to Ranger. Up to 50 setups, each with up to 100 actions, can be stored and recalled.

In addition, Ranger pickers can pick sprues and parts from multi-cavity tooling and release them independently.

The pendant is available on 12 different models of sprue pickers with vertical strokes ranging from 12 to 44 in. They can be used on injection molding machines from 15 to 700 tons. Users can also 'teach' the injection molding machine interface through the pendant to control mold functions. This allows the sprue picker to be optimally coordinated with the ejection cycle.

In addition, the pendant allows users to tie in downstream equipment or quality control systems. Prices begin at $5000.

PN 28-5/99High-speed robots The newest model in the RTS-Servo line is claimed to have an overall cycle time of less than 5 sec. This robot can pick, flex, insert, degate, reorient, stack and place.

Robot can be configured with up to five servo axes; a double-arm unit can have up to 10. Ranger says that the new open teach pendant is also sta   ndard for this robot.

Ranger Automation Systems Inc.
Shrewsbury, MA

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