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December 1, 1998

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Product News - Robotic Sprue Degating Systems: One Is Floor-Mounted, The OtherRobot-Mounted

Robotic Sprue Degating Systems: One Is Floor-Mounted, The Other Robot-Mounted

Two CNC-programmable sprue degating systems are available. The Robocut is floor-mounted, while the Aeroboy mounts directly to the robot beam manipulator. The manufacturer specializes in end-of-arm-tooling for robots, but says it is now getting into all types of equipment for post-molding operations.

pn16-1298.jpgFloor-mounted unit The Robotcut receives a molded part in its own fixture from the manipulator on the robot and automatically moves the sprue with parts to pre-programmed multiple gate locations for degating.

Using its 'Endless Rotary Air Check,' the unit provides rotation beyond 360 deg without the problems associated with twisting hoses. Other features include:

  • Dual position of chuck head, either to the right or left of the vertical traverse column, is said to allow optimum space between the injection molding machine and the gate cutting robot.

  • Teaching console with 20 programs for different modes of operation with multi-cavity parts and 10 programmable operating speeds. Monitor status is displayed with an LCD screen. 

  • Optional nippers and rotary cavity separators, which can be set to separate up to eight cavities to inspect and confirm the appropriate gate cutting actions.

This unit is priced at $17,995.  

PN 17-1298Robot-mounted unit The Aeroboy is designed to minimize floor space and labor costs associated with hand-degating of sprues. Once the part is in place, the unit moves to pre-programmed multiple gate locations for degating.

Unit can be programmed to any gate configuration or different molded parts, as well as to match the robot manipulator's operating sequences to operate together in sequence.

It can be installed onto any brand of injection molding machine starting with a 150 to 200-ton clamping capacity. It can be expanded to work on 850-ton machines with larger x-y-z travel requirements. Aeroboy is priced at $9995.

>SAS< Automation, Ltd.
Xenia, OH

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