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March 1, 1999

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Product News - Shredder Provides 'One-Pass' Shredding/Sizing

Shredder Provides 'One-Pass' Shredding/Sizing

pn-6.jpgThe Roto-Grind shredder, introduced in mid-1997, is designed for small- to mid-sized plastics recycling operations. Unit is a single-rotor processor and comes in four sizes:

  • M50 with a hopper opening of 20 x 30 in., rotor diameter of 7 in. and 10 hp motor.

  • M80 with a hopper opening of 32 x 63 in., rotor diameter of 11 or 15 in. and 15 to 60 hp motor.

  • M110 with a hopper opening of 44 x 75 in., rotor diameter of 11 or 15 in. and 30 to 75 hp motor.

  • M160 with a hopper opening of 63 x 79 in., rotor diameter of 15 or 20 in. and 75 to 125 hp motor.

Outputs range from 500 to 30,000 lb/hr, depending on material shredded, infeed method, etc. New is a hydraulic drive (replaces an electric drive), which is said to provide better throughput at a fraction of the power required before.

In operation, the shredder shreds plastic scrap and passes it through a bottom-mounted screen. The result, according to the manufacturer, is a shredded product, uniformly sized to a predetermined diameter, in one pass.

Operations that have traditionally relied on two separate units to handle the reduction and sizing operations can get both functions in one machine. Prices start at $45,000.

Granutech-Saturn Systems
Grand Prairie, TX

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