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July 1, 1999

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Product News - The Iceman (Chillers) Cometh

The Iceman (Chillers) Cometh

pn27-799.jpgThe new Iceman SC chiller from Mokon uses a scroll compressor, which is reported to use 70% less moving parts than standard hermetic type compressors. The builder says that in order to allow for continuous operation at various capacities, the scroll compressor is equipped to mechanically modulate the gas flow through the compressor.

Compared to other compressors that typically shut off when temperature is reached, the modulated scroll compressor lowers and modulates its temperature in order to maintain the required temperature. Fewer start-ups and stops are said to lead to cost savings and less wear and tear on the equipment.

Inherent to this design is the ability to overcome 'liquid slugging' of the compressor, which occurs at shut-down when the Freon migrates to the compressor and can cause damage or failure to conventional reciprocal types. The reduction in the number of moving parts contributes to continuous, smooth operation and there is none of the noise or vibration associated with valves and piston strokes.

Iceman SC chillers are available in air- and water-cooled models and with cooling capacities from 2 to 15 tons. Other features include: a compact and portable cabinet; insulated, non-corrosive plumbing and components; a hot gas bypass to increase compressor life and reduce operating costs; brazed-plate evaporator; maintenance-free stainless steel centrifugal pump; and microprocessor-based controller with adaptive tuning.

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Mokon Div.,
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