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Product News - Tiny, Yellow-Jacketed...Extruder

December 1, 1999

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Product News - Tiny, Yellow-Jacketed...Extruder

Tiny, Yellow-Jacketed...Extruder

PN 21-12/99Wayne has introduced what it says is its smallest extruder, the Yellow Jacket Bantam 1/4-in. 24:1 model. The manufacturer adds that it thinks that this is the smallest 'industry standard' feed-end-driven screw extruder available.

The primary use for this extruder is R&D of "extremely high value compounds that are only available in minute quantities." Benefit, according to Wayne, is that researchers can extrude viable samples with very little raw material.

Because the screws are of the industry standard feed end design, experiments are said to be valid when compared to larger extruders. In addition, users will not find screw type translation losses during scale up. And the standard screws will function without dynamic seals, which can leak, have dead spots or cause surging.

Other 'large extruder' features include heavy-duty thrust bearings to handle axial screw thrust, helical gear boxes and a barrel design that allows for standard melt taps for rupture disk, pressure and temperature sensing.

Wayne Machine & Die Co.
Wayne, NJ 

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