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Product News - Touch Screen Machine Interface Is Easier To Use

March 1, 1999

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Product News - Touch Screen Machine Interface Is Easier To Use

Touch Screen Machine Interface

Is Easier To Use

pn-313-99.jpgThe Touch Screen Machine Interface Unit (TS MIU) is Mattec's newest addition to its line of ProHelp Millennium shop floor control systems.

The TS MIU is said to add the convenience of touch screen controls to an MIU. MIUs collect data from sensors on a processing machine or directly from a machine's PLC and then deliver the information to the ProHelp host computer through a high-speed interface.

According to the manufacturer, a major design goal was to improve user-friendliness. To that end, features include:

  • User-selectable colors that can be adjusted for plant lighting conditions

  • Language selection at the MIU

  • Easy-to-recognize icons

  • Large buttons that are easy to press

  • Dash-board style gages that display frequently used process parameters

  • Screens and reports that provide updates in real-time

  • Intuitive 'calculator-style' entry of numerical values

  • Pick lists

  • Editable fields highlighted with a three-dimensional border to make them easy to recognize.

The TS MIU has such functions as scrap entry, downtime entry, operator log-in, machine and tool preventative maintenance log-in and 'call for help.'

Other features include a Machine Status/Alarm display, which shows the real-time values for such parameters as yield efficiency, cycles/hr, time to go (%), production to go (%), cycle efficiency, machine utilization, cycle time and any of the 96 monitored process parameters.

Users can press a 'job-related' dial for an instant view of the related job descriptor and production report. Pressing a 'parameter' dial for any of the 96 monitored process parameters allows the user to see the last 100-cycle display for the selected parameter.

A text version of the Machine Status/Alarm screen provides additional details. Values for the last machine cycle are color-coded green if they are within limits, red if they are above limits and white if they are below limits.

The Button Bar (the six large buttons at the top of the screen) allows users to switch between the most commonly used applications.

The TS MIU also helps users achieve the goal of a 'paperless factory' while providing help in obtaining ISO or QSO certification through control of process documentation that allows a user to view 99 pages of machine set-up sheets, 99 pages of tool set-up sheets and 99 pages of QC setup sheets.

In terms of maintenance, service and troubleshooting, the TS MIU includes such improvements as a built-in Host/MIU Data Line Monitor. This tool helps in resolving communication-wiring problems. Analog calibration is said to be easier and the standard Service Display screen has been improved.

Pricing is available directly from the manufacturer. Please use the Key Contact Directory.

Mattec Corp.
Loveland, OH

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