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February 1, 1999

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Product News - Transducer News: A 'Four-In-One' Unit, A Stripped-Down Unit, AndQuick-Start Kits

Transducer News: A 'Four-In-One' Unit, A Stripped-Down Unit, And Quick-Start Kits

Dynisco Instruments has introduced three new products:

  • MRT Series 'four-in-one' multi-range pressure transducers, which allow extruders who need a variety of pressure ranges to keep only one transducer on the shelf;

  • Dyn-X 'value' series pressure transducers, which are designed for applications requiring repeatability and reliability at high process temperatures; and

  • Dynipak series pre-packaged transducer kits.

pn452-99.jpgFour-in-one transducer Units in the MRT Series allow users to select one of four commonly used pressure ranges (3000, 5000, 7500 and 10,000 psi) via a seal screw, which accesses a four-position rotary switch.

Other features include full-scale output for selected ranges of 3.33 mv/v, accuracy of ± 0.5% and an internal 80% shunt calibration for easy set-up, stability and repeatability. Units are also said to meet CE requirements for EMI/RFI protection.

MRT Series transducers are available in all pressure units (psi, bar, kg/sq cm and mpa), in rigid and flexible stem configurations and with thermocouples for combination pressure and temperature measurement from a single access point. They are priced between $710 and $740.

'PN 46a 2-99PN 46b 2-99Value' transducers The Dyn-X Series includes basic 'stripped down' transducers that can be used at process temperatures up to 750 F in 1500, 3000, 5000, 7500 and 10,000 psi pressure ranges. Units come in both a 6-in. rigid stem configuration, as well as a 6-in. rigid/18-in. flexible stem configuration.

Other features cited: full-scale output for selected ranges of 3 mv/v and accuracy of ± 1%, which is said to provide users with an accurate non-amplified transducer. Like the MRT Series, Dyn-X units have an internal 80% shunt calibration and meet CE requirements for EMI/RFI protection. They are priced at $525.

Quick-start kits Dynipak product kits consist of a pressure or pressure/temperature transducer, an instrument for indication, a connector cable, instructions, anti-seize compound, a screw driver, 'Tips On Melt Pressure Trans- ducers For Extrusion' (reprinted from Jan/Feb '98 PA, p 28) and a baseball cap. This gives the user the ability to order an entire package with a single part number.

A laminated 'Quick-Start' card provides, on one side, three simple steps for transducers (preparing the mounting hole, installation and wiring) and on the other side, four steps for instrumentation (mounting, wiring, scaling and calibration/operation).

The Dynipak comes in three types:

  • Starter Dynipak consists of the manufacturer's industry standard PT460E transducer ordered for any standard pressure range, a 1290 pressure indicator and a mounting hole kit.

  • Classic Dynipak consists of either the PT460E or PT462E transducers ordered for any standard pressure range and a 1290 pressure indicator.

  • Temperature/Pressure Dynipak consists of the TPT463 temperature/pressure transducer ordered for any standard pressure range, a thermocouple connector and a UPR700-1-0-3 temperature/pressure indicator.

Kits range in price from $995 to $1295 and are said to be priced so as to offer savings of $300 to $500 over ordering each individual component separately.

Dynisco Instruments
Sharon, MA

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