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Product News - Ultrasonic Welder Features High-Resolution Stepper Press, ReplacesPneumatic Presses

March 1, 1999

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Product News - Ultrasonic Welder Features High-Resolution Stepper Press, ReplacesPneumatic Presses

Ultrasonic Welder Features High-Resolution Stepper Press, Replaces

Pneumatic Presses

pn-2.jpgThe High-Resolution Stepper Press ultrasonic welder is designed to replace pneumatic presses and to provide  greater control of the weld cycle. According to the manufacturer, controlling the velocity of the welding head during the weld cycle is the most critical factor in ensuring a high-strength, repeatable weld.

The velocity can be changed or varied for even greater flexibility in meeting the specifications and requirements of a range of assembly applications.

Combined with the manufacturer's microprocessor-controlled FM Power Supply, the High-Resolution Stepper Motor Press allows for accurate positioning of the ultrasonic horn for welding to tolerances of ± 0.0001 in., typical of the demands of medical assembly applications.

The unit has an accurate force transducer that uses 'machine perception' technology to sense the location of the part in the fixture and either adjust the weld cycle to accommodate a slight misfeed or reject it, depending on the predetermined welding parameters.

In addition, the unit includes a linear encoder with precision feedback signal to determine the exact positioning of the welding head prior to each weld. Control is further enhanced through a rigid construction that eliminates springs, o-rings and other flexible components typically found in pneumatic-style presses that are prone to calibration errors and performance deterioration over time.

The press is programmed through a PC, which can be ordered with the unit. The program can display power versus time for repeat welding cycles and can be pre-set for acceptable tolerances. Data can be exported in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format for on-going process analysis.

It is available in 20 and 40 kHz frequencies. A 'slimline' actuator model is also available for machine mountable and/or multiple head configurations. Pricing is available directly from the manufacturer. Please use the Key Contact Directory.

Sonics & Materials, Inc.
Newtown, CT

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