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November 1, 1998

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Product News -  Variable-Speed AC Drive Is For Converting Applications

Variable-Speed AC Drive Is For Converting Applications

pn-16.jpgThe Unidrive V3 (version 3) is the latest variable-speed ac drive from Control Techniques. It is said to  provide precise tension control for such applications as extrusion/coextrusion, unwind/wind, orienting, calendering, coating, drying and slitting.

This newest version contains 'smart' software that is said to enhance performance and simplify operation. User application macros have been added, that define parameter values, program I/O and compile key parameters in one location. These macros are said to make it easier to start and operate the unit in specific applications and to reduce programming and start-up time. Popular application macros include PID, preset speeds, motor-operator potentiometer and torque control.

Like the original Unidrive, this unit operates in standard v/Hz, open-loop vector, closed-loop vector and ac servo modes. The control mode can be easily changed via a keypad or by using the manufacturer's Unisoft Windows-based commissioning software. All drive parameters are available through this software and the I/O structure is graphically displayed.

Application modules can be added to customize the Unidrive V3 and expand the I/O, communications and control capabilities. A new cloning module allows users to store up to eight sets of parameters and to download them into another drive. Users can also save customer programs and customized applications, which are then accessible through the keypad.

Communications options include: Modbus Plus, Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, InterBus-S, Modbus, and RS-232 and RS-485.

Units are priced, depending on horsepower and range, from around $1600 (100 hp) to around $19,000 (150 hp). Higher horsepower units are also available.

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