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May 1, 1999

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Product News - Wear Strip Dissipates Static On Conveyors

Wear Strip Dissipates

Static On Conveyors

pn10-599.jpgA new anti-static wear strip material, designated Nolu-E, is for use on conveyor systems. The material combines surface-treated carbons and ultra-high- molecular-weight polyethylene.

It is designed to permit the passage and safe grounding of static electrical changes created by sliding surfaces and roller bushings in conveyor systems, thus reducing the potential for damage to sensitive products while also protecting operators.

The extruded wear strips are  designed to slide into aluminum chain tracks. No holes, screws or fasteners are required. Both straight and curved shapes are available in a range of lengths.

Because of the custom nature of the product, the manufacturer asks that you contact it directly for pricing information. Use the Key Contact Directory.

Nolu Plastics Inc.
Aston, PA

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