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January 1, 1999

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Product News - 'Workhorse' Loaders Have Throughputs Up To 250 Lb/Hr

'Workhorse' Loaders Have Throughputs Up To 250 Lb/Hr

pn8.jpgSL Series self-vacuum loaders are designed for processors looking for a workhorse material loader without the 'bells and whistles' of top-of-the-line general-purpose models. Units are said to provide reliable, dedicated conveying  at a price 20% lower than comparable, fully featured units.

Two models are available: the SL8 8-in. model with throughputs up to 100 lb/hr and the SL12 12-in. unit with throughputs up to 250 lb/hr. A filter-blowback option is said to effectively double material output by providing a blast of compressed air after each conveying cycle to remove dust and fines from the polyester filter under the vacuum motor.

Both units offer built-in vacuum motor, dedicated loading control, gravity discharge with integral feed demand switch, vertical feed tube and flexible hose for conveying pelletized and regrind material to a machine hopper, bin or drying hopper. The SL8 can convey material up to 50 ft, the SL 12 to 75 ft.

The SL8 is priced at $840 and the SL12 is $1175. Each comes with its own control, which can be mounted on the loader or at eye level with the optional remote kit.

The standard controller is said to be ideal for single-material loading and it can be upgraded for ratio loading of tow materials and automatic filter cleaning with compressed air blowback.

The optional ratio valve and potentiometer allows for conveying virgin and regrind, alternately during the same loading cycle. Users can set the load time and number of layers of the second material to gain close control over regrind percentages.

Pittsburgh, PA

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