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November 1, 1998

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Product News -  Xenon Test Chamber Is Low In Cost But Full-Featured

Xenon Test Chamber Is Low In Cost But Full-Featured

The Q-SUN xenon test chamber is a full-spectrum, full-capability arc tester for weathering and light stability. It is said to be particularly useful in testing for fading, color change and loss of physical properties. pn-8.jpg

Two models are available: the Q-SUN/1000 is a one-lamp table-top unit and the Q-SUN/3000 is a three-lamp, full-sized, self-standing tester. It also has the capability to monitor chamber temperature.

Both units provide a choice of filter systems, solar eye irradiance control, ISO 9000 calibration, temperature control, ISO and ASTM compliance, three-dimensional specimen mounting. A water spray unit is optional.

While the manufacturer claims that these units are priced lower than competitive units, it declines to have prices published.

Q-Panel Lab Products
Cleveland, OH

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