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Enterprise resource planning software within plastics processing is often associated with injection molding, but extruder Custom Profile (Grand Rapids, MI) has utilized ERP and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) programs from IQMS to cut order entry time, reduce data entry errors, and virtually eliminate shipping errors.

PlasticsToday Staff

October 10, 2013

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Profile extruder applies ERP to boost productivity, reduce errors

Custom Profile was attracted to IQMS in part due to the fact that, unlike some competitive ERP systems that require bolted on third-party programs for increased functionality, EnterpriseIQ system doesn't need interfaces or expensive customization to access programs.

Custom Profile now automatically enters incoming orders into EnterpriseIQ with EDI, while at the same time, generating outgoing files and advanced shipping notices (ASNs). The company estimates that inbound and outbound EDI saves it roughly $35,000 annually in data entry time. EDI also has allowed Custom Profile to achieve out its goal of rapid quoting response to delivery of product. It runs EDI several times in the morning and then assembles and ships products the same day.

Custom Profile also implemented EnterpriseIQ's warehouse management system (WMS). By equipping personnel with hand-held scanners and labeling inventory items with barcodes, the company says it has virtually eliminated shipping errors, and reduced labor required to ship product by one person, resulting in savings of approximately $36,000/yr. Custom Profile increased its on-time delivery rate to 99.99%, with only one late customer shipment in 2011. In addition, it has experienced zero shipping errors due to incorrect item or quantities being shipped in the last three years.

Custom Profile also invested in IQMS' RealTimeTM Production Monitoring system to track
production on some of its machines in real
time. By directly communicating with its machines, Custom Profile receives immediate details on all aspects of production and takes control of the plant floor with improved visibility, accuracy and accountability. To supplement its customer service efforts, Custom Profile has set up its system to deliver exception reports in real time so it can respond to customers in a timely manner when requests or requirements fall outside the typical business process or cycle.

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