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Proximity Switch Is Designed For Round, Keyway Applications

August 1, 2001

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Proximity Switch Is Designed For Round, Keyway Applications

August, 2001


Proximity Switch IsDesigned For Round,Keyway Applications

0801pn-10.jpgSeries 9000 proximity switches are 'ultra' small sensors that can mount on a variety of cylinders with a quick-connect interface and dovetail mounting adapter. It has two types of sensing devices for determining the proximity of the piston inside the cylinder.

These units are said to be particularly useful in applications in which the pistons have a short stature and require a diminutive sensor. For that reason, the Series 9000 switch uses a tiny remote sensing device to relay the signal back to the PLC or PC. It is available in solid-state electronic and reed styles.

Although the electronic version is primarily designed for use with low-voltage programmable controllers, an optional in-line amplifier can be used to increase output current and voltage capacity. Standard 1/4-in. dovetail mounting hardware is included with either style, and other mounting styles are optional.

Other features cited: surge suppression, LED indicator light, corrosion and washdown resistance, 45-deg wire outlet for close mounting, 9-ft cable, 8 mm industry standard circular connector with 6-in. pigtail (optional), dc or ac voltage versions, operating temperature range of -4 to 176 F and molded construction that meets NEMA 4 specifications.

Canfield Connector
Youngstown, OH

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