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August 1, 2000

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Redesigned dryers

npe18.jpgRedesigned dryers--Walton/Stout introduced its EnerSave Technology option for its WSD dryers andWSH hoppers. EnerSave Technology incorporates different options dependingon the application, says Bruce Devine, Walton/Stout's National Sales Manager. These include a new way of controlling the four-way valve and a new hopper design for high-heat applications that incorporates a heat transfer air-to-air radiator.

Instead of oscillating the valve, Devine says, the company is using additional valves to control the volume of air that is put into the desiccant. As for the air-to-air radiator, it returns dry, hot air to the hopper to pre-heat incoming air without passing on additional moisture.

Devine says Walton/Stout is in the midst of testing these new options and will have hard numbers on the exact savings that can be realized. He adds that he expects this technology to be ordered by 80% of Walton/Stout's existing customers as a retrofit. "Even though these new options add to the cost of a new dryer, the payback on the hopper heat exchange system in as little as 7 months."

Production monitoring system--In addition, the company exhibited a computer simulation of dryer and plant monitoring software from Gray Tech Systems, Atlanta, GA. Devine says Gray Tech is well-known in plant production and quality monitoring systems, especially the PET pre-form industry.

The demonstration showed a number of Walton/Stout dryers in production and monitoring their process and alarm status. The information was collected from each dryer via an optional Lantronix UDS-10 interface. The information was then sent to a PC where the data was displayed in multiple formats.

Devine says collected information can also be sent to a Web Site for Web-based monitoring. "This means that wireless Web-enabled devices and home-based PCs can be used to review production data and troubleshoot problems with no special software." Devine adds that the Gray Tech Systems software also easily integrates with upstream and downstream equipment. 

Walton/Stout, Inc.
Lithonia, GA

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