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August 23, 2008

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Remote process analysis

NP_Milacron_software_ac.jpgFeaturing analysis and charting functions for increased repeatability, a new data collection and process analysis package can remotely monitor up to 128 presses via an intranet or the Internet. Mold 24i database software for Roboshot/ACT machine lines, including the Roboshot iA and SiB models, serves as a master database for process information. It has a Quality Radar feature that uses a four-quadrant screen graphic to show the dynamic relationships between parameters. For a medical molder, the software could be configured to show compliance with FDA standards, or it can be set up to show adherence to a client?s specifications. A plant layout screen provides data on all machines connected to Mold 24i and uses icons so it can visually represent actual plant layout.

Mold 24i is installed on a server running Windows 2000, NT, or XP, and it connects to a Roboshot machine via a high-speed Ethernet-based LAN. Machines using an RS-232 communications port can be fitted with a converter. The system is accessible from connected plant terminals or remote locations that have the required software and Internet connection.Among Mold 24i?s process analysis/reporting capabilities are individual cycle tracking, customizable data output (histograms or bar charts), retrieval of machine setup from previous cycles, process optimization, alarm history log and analysis, and remote uploads and downloads of files. The software can also perform ISO 9000 material tracking, display 3-D and 2-D pressure curves, and compress database backups.

Time, pressure, temperature, and position can be called up for each cycle and collected by shift, day, or mold change; alarm logs can be displayed in daily, weekly, or monthly reports. As an option, operators can be e-mailed when an alarm occurs. An optional material evaluation feature that acts as a viscometer can store resin information and properties. This function determines parameter changes, optimum drying time, or regrind ratio for a material by cataloging each batch.

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