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June 1, 2001

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Retrofittable PC-Based Unit Uses MACO DS Hardware Components

June, 2001

Extrusion Control:

RetrofittablePC-BasedUnit Uses MACODS HardwareComponents

0601pn-10.jpgEPCO has introduced a PC-based extrusion control system called the EM3. It uses Barber-Colman's MACO DS hardware components and is designed to be retrofitted on any brand of existing extrusion equipment. It includes extrusion-specific programming for logical and display functions.

The standard EM3 can control up to five extruders (or 120 temperature zones) and offers either manual or auto-tuning temperature control, pressure monitoring, drive monitoring, melt pressure control, open- or closed-loop drive control, drive ratio control and alarms. It also offers full system parameter access, security protection, global setpoint adjustment, alarm logging and historic trending.

The EM3 program is based on a standard pre-engineered, user-configurable extrusion control system. Because it uses standard programming tools, programming can be customized if required to add almost any extrusion control function.

There are six Application-Specific Block (ASB) configurations, all with 12-zone temperature control and 24 v dc outputs. Any ASB can have the cooling option, which requires a cooling cable and an I/O block assembly (I/O base, communications adapter and connector kit). The first eight zones of temperature control of any ASB are programmed for cooling with the I/O block, if required.

The operator station is an Optima PC. Special features include a 15-in. screen with WonderWare InTouch interface, an Ethernet communications bus structure and distributed hot-swappable components. This Human-Machine Interface software allows for easy user-configurable programming. Pricing starts at $20,000 and EPCO performs all installation work.

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