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January 1, 2001

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Robotic Palletizer Handles Payloads To Nearly 155 Lb

Robotic Palletizer Handles Payloads To Nearly 155 Lb

pro01.jpgToshiba Machine, Control Systems Div.'s new SR-1504HZ robotic palletizer combines a payload capacity of nearly 155 lb (70 kg) with an arm length of between 41.3 and 76.7 in. (1050 and 1950 mm), based on customer requirements. These specifications are said to make it ideal for palletizing large, heavyworkpieces.

The unit is part of Toshiba's line of SCARA robots and, as such, features an absolute position-detecting system as standard. With this system, no zero return is necessary, and accuracy to within ±0.2 mm is achieved, according to Toshiba's Hide Saito.

Mechanical movements are controlled with Toshiba's digital servo motors, amplifiers and motion controllers. Unit also features the SR7000L 32-bit controller, which is designed for simultaneous five-axis control. The controller can also process input and output signals at the same time, during robot motion.

Other controller features include PTP, short-cut and linear interpolation and circular interpolation motion modes. Total memory capacity is 6400 points (12,800 steps). A multitask function allows for a maximum of four tasks.

Toshiba Machine Co.,America Control Systems Div. - Elk Grove Village, IL

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