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March 30, 1999

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Robots increase production in EDM system

Dynamic Tool & Design (Menomonee Falls, WI) is one toolmaker who has seen yields increase after integrating a System 3R Workman Robot with a newly acquired Boston Digital graphite cutter and a Mitsubishi VX10 sinker. Dynamic Tool & Design, a 75-person shop spread over 34,000 sq ft, was looking to increase output during its unmanned hours. The result is an automated cell that has increased production, reduced errors, and freed up employees to complete other tasks. The Workman robot, pictured here pulling a finished part from the Boston Digital cutter, holds up to 220 electrodes and automatically delivers them as needed to the graphite cutter and sinker. It also inspects each electrode’s height for accuracy. During a typical 48-hour weekend, the robot-assisted system can produce up to 220 successfully cut carbons, compared to 30 on previous systems. Dynamic’s biggest problem now is finding a carbon supplier that can meet the toolmaker’s demand.

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