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December 1, 2006

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Roller Pullers fine for controlling parting lines

The new Roller Pullers offer an easy, effective way to control the sequence of openings for parting lines within a mold, says this supplier of mold components. These Roller Pullers offer friction-free action, creating no fines that could sully cleanroom operations; require no grease on external components; come with a spring sight window for adjusting pull force up to 12-1/2 times the original setting; and are said to be competitively priced and easy to install.“There are many ways to hold a plate when controlling parting line sequences,” explains Glenn Starkey, president of Progressive Components. “Roller Pullers are a simple and effective approach, engineered especially for mid-volume production runs targeted to perform beyond a million cycles.”In three-plate molds, molders should use the Roller Pullers to draw the A plate away from the X plate, thereby exposing the runner. For stripper-plate molds, Roller Pullers are a means to retain a B side, X plate, or hold the cavity side plate while side actions are being pulled. In addition to parting line sequence control, Roller Pullers can be used to pull or retain double ejector plates, or to retain any other floating mold plate. Progressive Components, Wauconda, IL, USA; +1 800-269-6653; www.procomps.com

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