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May 1, 2004

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Round hot runner system

A hot runner system is designed with heaters providing goodcontact on the machine surface because of the round P20 steel design. The radial matched heater construction increases the material temperature more rapidly and distributes the heat uniformly throughout the resin, resulting in better part quality.

The round hot runner system is designed with ?just-in-time? manufacturing expectations in mind. The new design has improved internal bore polishes resulting in quick color changes and high part quality. The bore enhancements deliver uniform heating to ensure even flow of the resins and reduced scrap from shot to shot. Therefore, the part delivery is more efficient, and the production is flexible.

The round hot runners need less energy and are said to be more economical than traditional hot runners. The systems include optional screwed-in drops, attached drops with locating rings, and conventional separate drops. The screwed-in drop design is a one-piece system for quick and easy installation. The attached drops with locating ring are screwed into the bottom of the manifold and accommodate a varied range placement. The conventional separate drop allows one to remove the hot runner manifold and leave the drops in place. These drop styles provide mold builders and production facilities easy maintenance and repair.

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