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February 1, 2005

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Screw homogenizes melt

A new patent-pending screw introduced at K offers good plastication and cycle times; strong coloring and additive homogenization; relatively low and more uniform melt temperatures; high-quality parts; reduced heat degradation of resins; and elimination of air bubbles.

Applicable for PP, HDPE, PA, PC, PS, PBT, SAN, PET, PMMA, HIPS, and more, the Ultramelt screw has two different systems of barrier screw threads in a series that allow a larger volume of material in the feeding and measuring zones. A profile barrier and long screw thread work to melt and homogenize material with low shear. A second barrier with a smaller gap and a shorter screw thread shears the already melted and mixed material again to fully homogenize any coloring or other additives.

Temperatures in the barrel should be elevated to between 20ºC and 40ºC in the feeding zone and gradually decreased at the nozzle, where they are 5 to 10 deg C lower than temperatures from a standard screw. Pena, Barcelona, Spain; www.penagrup.com

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