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April 1, 2003

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Shutoff tip transforms nozzles

profocus4.jpgA shutoff nozzle tip allows molders to turn any standard replaceable-tip nozzle into a shutoff nozzle at minimal cost. Necessary whenever a sprue break is used, positive shutoff stops drooling and stringing to help protect heater bands. Installed in place of a standard 7¼8-inch, No.14 tip, the shutoff nozzle?s spring-loaded valve opens when the tip is pushed forward against the sprue, and snaps shut when the carriage pulls back from the sprue break. Because of its low profile, the shutoff tip can fit into the nozzle recess of most molds. It is priced at $350.

Molders Choice Inc., Solon, OH
(440) 349-6174; www.molderschoice.com

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