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January 1, 2004

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Six-axis robots designed for plastics processing

PF_Staubli_rsplastics.gifAutomation systems tailored to processor requirements are adaptable to changes in product design and production volume. RXplastics six-axis robots perform insert loading, high-speed demolding, sprue removal, inmold decoration, glue laying, powder coating, painting, assembly, inspection, and packaging.

RX60plastics, RX90plastics, RX130plastics, and RX170plastics models have a load capacity up to 65 kg and a maximum reach at the wrist of 2185 mm. The control is preloaded with Euromap 12 interface software to coordinate robot movements with the operating cycle of the molding machine.The robots are prewired to Euromap 12 standards, ready for direct connection to the injection molding machine and safety door systems. Robot compliance is said to ensure that the arm follows the ejector motion of the mold. Common movement sequences and scenarios are included in the controls? software, and predefined macros and modules allow these sequences to be modified to suit any specific parameters. The graphical user interface uses plastics industry terminology.

The robots are approved for a Class 100 cleanroom environment. They feature high speed and acceleration with the precision control to follow complex trajectories at joint speed ranges up to 1125° per second. The JCS gearbox reportedly has zero backlash, smooth movement, and consistent, reliable performance.

Stäubli Corp., Duncan, SC
(864) 433-1980, www.staubli.com

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