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August 23, 2008

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Software optimized for high-speed machining

TNP_Cimatron_1_ac.gifA new generation of CAD/CAM software combines 3-D design tools with CAM knowledge of cutting paths for accelerated cavity design and machining. Cimatron E, unveiled at Westec 2003 in Los Angeles, CA (March 24-27), uses a unified solid-surface wireframe modeling environment, which supports imported data or newly created part designs. Cimatron E can create parting lines and split part geometry as well as incorporate engineering changes. It can also create electrodes and inserts as well as other mold components. Cimatron E implements two- to five-axis toolpaths and uses high-speed machining and stock and template data to reduce overall programming and machining time.

The package comes with MoldDesign for 3-D solid parametric automation of tool design and fabrication, and QuickDrill to automate plate drilling. Further emphasizing speed, Cimatron E?s swarf machining creates cutting paths that use the side of the tool rather than the tip. Deep-cavity machining applies head inclination and a tool/holder gauge for machining with shorter tools at higher feedrates.

Cimatron Technologies Inc., Novi, MI
(248) 596-9700

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