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February 1, 2005

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Special mold material targets aggressive polymer processing

An extension of Hasco's present range of steel products for molds and tools is chromium tool steel 1.2099HASCO.M. This material provides corrosion resistance, thanks to its high percentage (12.80%) of chromium. It is intended for tools where abrasive materials and aggressive coolants are employed. The composition of the alloy gives it significantly improved machining quality in comparison to competitive grades. It is said to mill faster and provides longer tool life than traditional grade 1.2085. Due to its relatively high base hardness of approximately 1080 N/sq mm and its homogenous structure, the steel remains dimensionally stable even at high machining volumes. It has good thermal conductivity; compared to 1.2085 it has improved welding performance, and a reduced risk of fractures. Hasco Hasenclever GmbH+Co KG, Lüdenscheid, Germany; +49 2351 9570; www.hasco.cominfo

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