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December 1, 2006

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Specialty PP grades take on the big freeze

This polymer maker has started producing polypropylene (PP) based grades for food packaging that withstands freezer temperatures down to -40°F (-40°C) the first time for the North American market, says Dave McKeeman, marketing manager-rigid packaging. Previous food packaging PP grades could only withstand refrigerated temperatures without cracking or breaking upon impact. An opaque high-impact PP grade, Pro-fax EP390S, can be used for injection molded tubs, trays, and cups ranging from 4 oz to 1.75 quarts (1.65 liters). This material, with a high (35 dg/min) melt flow, can withstand microwaving and is dishwasher safe. For transparent containers, the company now offers Clyrell EC140R polyolefin in North America, which, like its opaque resin relative, enables inmold labeling for improved graphic reproduction compared to competitive paperboard freezer containers. This material, a combination of random and impact copolymers, has good clarity, impact strength, high gloss, and high melt-flow (30 dg/min) properties. It also resists whitening. “Food marketers want to create more value for their product at the point of purchase. These new PP alternatives, coupled with an inmold label, can help them achieve the differentiation they desire,” says McKeeman. A lack of seams in the injection molded containers, unlike paperboard, minimizes leaks. Basell, Elkton, MD, USA; +1 410 -996-1600; www.basell.com

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