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September 1, 2000

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63.jpgSpectrophotometer-HunterLab introduced the new ColorQuest XE color measurement spectrophotometer, which is designed to measure such parameters as color, transmission haze, opacity, colorant strength, yellowness index, whiteness index and APHA (Hazen).

Unit features diffuse/8° geometry and measures both reflectance and transmittance. The instrument uses double beam optics and a xenon lamp for long life. Other standard features: a reflectance measurement sample clamp designed to support a range of sample sizes, automated specular component inclusion/exclusion for measuring the effect of gloss and a large transmission measurement sample compartment.

Options and accessories include large/small area measurement with automated lens change, true UV calibration and control for measurement of optically brightened materials, transmission cells for measuring clear liquids, a reflectance shelf for measuring powders, a transmission clamp for measuring thin films and a preform holder for measuring preforms. Other custom holders are available.

Unit comes with Universal QC software that collects, displays, analyzes and stores data.

Reston, VA

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