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March 1, 2005

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Spin welder assembles circular joints

The ServoWeld spin welder is designed to precisely assemble thermoplastic parts that have a circular joint. The welder is built around a servomotor that controls the radial orientation of the finished part with an accuracy of better than ±.1°. Compared to induction motors, servomotors produce more torque in a smaller package and have a quicker spin-down time to eliminate excess flash and bond shearing.

These integrated benchtop machines are more compact than earlier spin welders and suitable for both stand-alone production or for integration into automated equipment. A high-speed, low-torque model is for small assemblies up to about 80-mm diameter; and another model uses low-speed and high-torque for large assemblies.

The welder has new color touchscreen controls with an intuitive menu structure. The touch screen accesses preload or prespin modes, part-pickup, and torque-sense triggering. The units weld by time, number of turns, or absolute distance?with or without the radial positioning engaged.

Dukane Corp., St. Charles, IL
(630) 584-2300

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