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September 1, 2006

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Split-sheath cartridge heaters with hot or cool tips

Watt-Flex split-sheath cartridge heaters can be mounted with a stainless steel flange, a mounting bracket, an NPT fitting, and a puller-end plug. The heaters are said to run efficiently, last a long time, and are easily replaced. Split-sheath construction allows each half of the heater to expand independently when energized, providing metal-to-metal contact with the surrounding bore and maximizing heat transfer.

The continuous-coil design results in no cold spots between sections, producing a uniform temperature profile along the heater sheath. With no sections to burn out, the entire heater is either on or off. When the heater is de-energized, the split sheath contracts uniformly for easy removal.

The continuous coil can be designed to deliver either full or reduced power at the tip to suit the heating application. Used in injection molding heat probes, for example, the Hot Tip option can minimize undesirable gate freeze-off. The heaters can be constructed for hot or cool tips by either concentrating or stretching the coil at the tip.

Dalton Electric Heating Co. Inc.
Ipswich, MA
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