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July 1, 2000

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Spring Release System Is For Robotic EOAT (End-Of-Arm Tools) &Grippers

Spring Release System Is For Robotic EOAT (End-Of-Arm Tools) & Grippers

10.jpgOne of >SAS< Automation's NPE offerings is a spring release system for robotic EOATs and grippers. This off-the-shelf component is available in standard sizes and is compatible with the manufacturer's Quick Change System (Jul/Aug '98 PA, p 16). It mounts between the robot chuck and the gripper profile frame work.

The spring release system allows EOAT gripper compliance during part ejection. It can be used when spring-loaded gripper arms for cups will not work with the application. It is also said to facilitate high-speed molding by allowing fast ejection speed into the company's Spring Release Mounting System.

>SAS< Automation, Ltd.
Xenia, OH 

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