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January 1, 2007

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Sprue picker for vertical IMMs

T he PV Series sprue picker is designed for use with vertical injection molding machines from 20 to 150 tons, and comes in four models: the PV350 R/T for 20- to 30-ton IMMs, the PV450 R/T for 30- to 60-ton IMMs, the PV550 R/T for 50- to 100-ton IMMs, and the PV6450 R/T for 80- to 150-ton IMMs. One robot arm rotates 60° to 90°, and the other robot arm rotates 180°. The arm swings in and out of the mold at the base and moves up and down on the Y-axis to pick the sprue, and EOAT can also be added to cut the sprue or remove the part. The robot is usually mounted next to the molding machine where the molded part can be placed on a conveyor or in a box.

The robot pendant comes with eight preprogrammed operations, and has enough memory to store an additional 12 programs for operational programs configured in the field. It has a Euromap/SPI interface to the molding machine. The manual (maintenance) mode displays input and output points. An LED display shows each sequence of robot operation, and shows the error if the robot stops or malfunctions. In manual mode, the operator can test auxiliary devices such as a degating nipper, or teach the robot arm how to move in and out of the mold to pick up the part.

Argosys Robotics, San Jose, CA
(408) 229-9138; www.eoat-robot.com

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