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Sprue separator, IMM

January 1, 2006

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Sprue separator, IMM

A conveyor belt and an integrated sorting screw are key components of a new, cycle-time-and-space-saving sprue separator for the company?s injection molding machines. Parts and sprues fall onto the belt, are conveyed onto an inclined plane, and then slide to a rotating sorting screw. The screw?s rotation separates parts from sprues and deposits each in its appropriate container.

The distance between the conveyor and the sorting screw is adjustable, so a variety of part sizes can be accommodated. The system is available as an option on new injection machine models, and all it takes to retrofit the system on your existing presses is exchanging their existing delivery chute for the new sorting system.

Boy Machines Inc., Exton, PA
(610) 363-0163; www.boymachines.com

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