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November 1, 2002

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Stainless steel portable chiller

PF_Wittmann.jpgModel SS portable chillers have stainless steel cabinetry and use stainless steel extensively throughout, including all brackets, internal framing, and support rails. The chiller is said to resist corrosion for an extensive period of time, regardless of the environment. The chillers are designed to allow fast, convenient access to critical components. Standard, off-the-shelf components also ease maintenance tasks.The chillers feature Copeland scroll compressors, brazed plate evaporators, and stainless steel Scot circulation pumps with their own filter and liquid refrigerant receivers. Water-cooled units include brazed plate condensers, an adjustable water regulating valve, and cleanable water filters. Air-cooled condensers are equipped with cleanable air filters. Model SS chillers are equipped with digital temperature readout with processor adjustable programming options that allow temperatures to be displayed and set to within .1 deg F. Hot-gas bypass allows automatic adjustment of the chiller for varying chilling loads. Standard safety features include high and low pressure water flow shut-offs, and indicator lamps to alert the user to potential problems and monitor the continuing operation of the chiller.

Wittmann Inc., Capitol Temptrol Div., Torrington, CT
(860) 496-9603; www.wittmann-ct.com

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