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September 1, 2003

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Glass windows on an extruder from Macro Engineering & Technology demonstrated Dyna-Purge?s ability to clean out material.

In the behind-the-scenes world of molding, supplies have the unglamorous but dutiful job of keeping things running smoothly. Whether it?s a purging compound or a mold release, these items make a molder?s workday that much easier. On top of easing molders? pain, it seems that supply firms are also trying to take it easy on the environment?with more environmentally safe products on the market than ever before.

  • Mold Cleaner

    Molders Choice Inc. has upgraded its mold cleaner and degreaser. The degreaser is now nonflammable, has no perchloroethane, and no EPA Class 1 substances. It reportedly leaves no residue and no wiping is needed. The company also offers a nonchlorinated, quick-drying mold cleaner that contains no ozone-depleting substances.

    Not to be left out, Stoner also offers a nonchlorinated cleaner/degreaser.

    Paratherm?s new Paratherm SC system cleaner liquid is formulated to dissolve and suspend sludge and carbon lumps. It works warm or cold, is compatible with any mineral-oil-based fluid, and can be reused.

    Camie-Campbell announced an improved version of its 22/80 citrus cleaner. The new formula can safely be used on most surfaces and leaves no residue. It has a wide variety of applications including removal of adhesives and release agents and can be used as a heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser.

    Designed to replace toxic, flammable, or environmentally undesirable chemicals, Petroferm?s line of industrial cleaners is available in aqueous, semiaqueous, nonaqueous, and vapor degreasing solutions.

  • Mold Release

    Stoner supplies a variety of silicone mold releases, including dry mist, thin film, and heavy duty; also available is a mold release formulated specifically for molded rigid, semirigid, and flexible urethanes. According to the company, its most powerful release is a zinc stearate mold release designed for testing new molds.

    Slide says the majority of its mold releases do not contain ozone-depleting chemicals, yet they are said to be extremely effective.

  • Rust Preventive

    Slide also offers a dry rust preventive that is suited for overnight mold protection. The dry mist prevents marking of plastic parts when molds are put back into service.

  • Heat Transfer Fluid

    MultiTherm heat transfer fluids include the MultiTherm IG-4, a nontoxic, durable heat transfer fluid for use in closed loop, liquid-phase heating systems up to 400F. The product is an upgrade of MultiTherm IG-2.

  • Polishing Compound

    According to the company, DiaMold diamond polishing compound from Engis withstands severe lapping conditions without loss of cutting quality. The compound can be used with oil-soluble lubricants to meet specific material and surface finish requirements.

  • Flaw Repair Coating

    Chem-Pak has upgraded its flaw repair coating line with Per-Fix Black for polypropylene. The coating provides better coverage to repair more severe blemishes like splay, knitlines, or flow lines, and color variations on black ABS, PP, and PC/ABS blends.

  • Purging Compound

    Slide offers concentrated liquid purging compounds that are nontoxic, nonflammable, and noncorrosive for use with a carrier resin for thermoplastic removal.

    Neutrex Inc. offers a purging compound for PP, Purgex 456 Plus. The compound is designed to enhance performance in molding automotive parts, containers, and closures. It purges resins at temperatures of 400 to 550F.

    Dyna-Purge demonstrated its Dyna-Purge M purging compound at the Shuman Plastics booth using an extruder with glass windows. The purging compound is nonchemical and nonabrasive, and is designed for purging a wide range of resins at 350 to 600F. Shuman Plastics is also distributing Dyna-Purge K, a new compound specifically designed for soft-touch polymers. Dyna-Purge K is faster than other purging agents, according to the company, so it works well for soft-touch polymer applications, which often require numerous color changes. The compound softens but never melts while flowing through the screw and barrel.

  • Inserts

    Tri-Star Industries? H Series tapered insert is designed for ultrasonic or thermal installation into thermoplastics or structural foam. A flash well eliminates excess material flow, and the tapered design reduces installation time, making alignment faster and more accurate. The HE Series headed expansion insert provides strong, reusable threads in thermoset and other hard plastics. The company also offers custom inserts.

  • Lubricant

    A synthetic mold lubricant that can withstand temperatures of 500F is available as an aerosol spray from Molders Choice Inc. The lubricant was previously only available as a hand-applied product. The spray remains on moving mold components as a thin film that maintains its physical properties, even in extreme temperatures.

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