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June 1, 2000

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Surface Treatment System Replaces Flame Treaters

1npelogo4c.jpgSurface Treatment System Replaces Flame Treaters

27.jpgLectro Engineering will introduce the LT 2000 surface treatment system at NPE (Booth S-4006). Unit is designed to replace or eliminate the use of flame for treating plastic parts and is 66% smaller, treats parts faster and is a fraction of the cost of the standardLectro-Treat system.

From a technical standpoint LT 2000 operates on a capacitive electrode system creating an oxidized cold plasma inside the treating tunnel at atmospheric pressure. Because there is no vacuum, all parts pass through the tunnel on a continuous conveyor system.

The unit reaches a higher level of energy by supplying what is referred to as a directional plasma in air. The equipment normally operates on an input electrical requirement of 240 v, 60 cycle current but can be modified to fit specific electrical needs. This input is then transformed into high voltage and supplied to specially designed capacitor type plates.

Electrical operating parameters are factory-set for maximum operating efficiency. The only variable for treatment of the part is the conveyor speed. Conveyor speed is variable so the surface treatment may be optimized for each particular part.

Lectro Engineering Co.
St. Louis, MO 

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