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March 1, 2007

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System crystallizes and dries PET in about one hour

The Infrared Rotary Drum (IRD) system, consisting of the IRD crystallizer/dryer and a low-capacity standard dryer, takes roughly an hour to prepare resin for processing. Five models have nominal throughputs ranging from 200-4000 lb/hr. The system is said to simplify the processing of PET resin and regrind, and eliminate the need for large insulated drying hoppers and separate crystallizers that often require high ceiling clearances.

The investment cost for an IRD system is roughly equivalent to that of a conventional dryer and separate crystallizer. The unit requires 8-13 minutes to crystallize PET, which is the time the material takes to travel the length of the drum while exposed to a bank of infrared heaters (shown in the photo above). The material is then transferred to a buffer dryer/hopper for another 45 minutes.

After acquiring a license from Stricker IRD in Germany and UPM Holdings in the UK, Novatec began the first U.S. production of the IRD crystallizer/dryer.

Novatec is the only U.S. company authorized to build and market the crystallizer/dryer.

Novatec, Baltimore, MD
(410) 789-4811, www.novatec.com

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