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Teknor unit Chem Polymer closes Florida facility

January 25, 2008

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Teknor unit Chem Polymer closes Florida facility

The Chem Polymer division of Teknor Apex Co. (Pawtucket, RI) announced it will close its Fort Myers, FL facility (see News-Press.com for initial report). Chem Polymer, which was purchased by Teknor Apex on Dec. 31, 2004 from England’s Chem Polymer Group, is a compounder of engineering thermoplastics. According to press reports, the move will affect 47 employees, with production relocated to Teknor Apex’s plant in Brownsville, TN. That Tennessee facility serves the growing local automotive industry and is integrated into Teknor Apex’s other businesses.

Chem Polymer manufactures reinforced, filled, and specially modified compounds of nylon 6 and 66, acetal, polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for a variety of markets, including automotive, appliance, electrical, and electronic. The Florida facility was its only in the U.S. It operated two in the U.K., with the former total capacity being 30,000 tonnes/yr.

As part of the shift, additional engineering thermoplastics (ETP) compounding lines are being installed in the Brownsville facility. This is in addition to the 24 million lb/yr (10,900 tone/yr) compounding line brought online last June in Brownsville by the firm.

The closure will leave Chem Polymer with production in the U.S. in Brownsville and in Lodi, OH; and with one facility each in England, Singapore and China.

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