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March 1, 2007

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Temp-control unit uses PID heating, cooling

A temperature control unit offers pumping rates of 90, 150, or 200 gal/min, using 50- to 200-kW heaters, heat exchangers from 3.9-21 ft2, and a temperature range up to 550°F. The 6017?s microprocessor controller has PID control for heating and cooling and a built-in ramp/soak feature as well as setpoint, to-process, and from-process displays. Positive displacement, packed pump with drip-return pump or mechanical seal, TEFC pump motor, and NEMA-12 electrical control enclosures are standard. The units also come with a pressure-actuated bypass valve as a safety measure.

Sterling, New Berlin, WI
(262) 641-8610; www.sterlco.com

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