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February 1, 2000

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Temperature Control News: High Flow Rate Portable Chillers, StationaryHot Oil Units

Temperature Control News: High Flow Rate Portable Chillers, Stationary Hot Oil Units

pn28-0200.jpgBudzar Industries has a new portable chiller that is said to provide twice the flow rate, per ton, of other portable chillers. It has also introduced a series of stationary hot oil units.

Chiller Budzar's ICE (Industrial Chilling Equipment) portable chillers are said to provide twice the flow rate, per ton, of other portable chillers. This translates to increased heat transfer efficiency and faster processing times.

Units have a microprocessorcontroller that is said to be accurate and easy to use. The controller also comes with a 5-yr warranty. Chillers use Copeland scroll compressors, which are said to be more efficient thanreciprocating compressors, resulting in less electricity consumption and highercooling capacity.

The chillers can be set-up and operated without training; diagnosticindicators display chiller status (pump discharge pressure, temperature, 'to' and 'from' process temperature, etc.).All components are non-proprietaryand the lift-off side panels makemaintenance easy.

There are six air-cooled models and six water-cooled models available with capacities ranging from 2.8 to 20 tons.

Other features include stainless steel evaporator, non-ferrous wetted surfaces, pump motor overloadprotection, control transformer, control circuit fusing, capacity controlwith lead-lag compressors, hot gas
by-pass/modulating thermal expansion valve, single-point electrical connection, cleanable air filters and pre-mounted water regulating valve (optionalon water-cooled units).

For pricing, please contact Budzar. Contact information is in the Key Contact Directory.

Stationary hot oil units are said to be ideal for applications that require a dedicated source of high-temperature fluid in capacities beyond the capabilities of a portable model.

There are nine OTS Series standard units available. Each can be specified for industrial processes requiring fluid temperatures up to 450 F, 550 F or 650 F. Flow rates range from 75 to 400 gal/min at 25 psi.

Units have solid-state microprocessor-based controls, high-temperature positive displacement or centrifugal pumps; a discharge pressure gage; a low-pressure safety switch for protection against low oil flow; and flanged, steel-sheath, low-watt-density immersion heaters for high fluid velocity.

Budzar Industries
Willoughby, OH

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