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March 1, 2004

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Temperature controllers

A communication cable and a software modification enable multiple Gammaflux hot runner temperature controllers to operate as a single unit. Linked in a daisy chain configuration, two or more smaller TTC 2100 units, operated from a single touch screen, can manage the hot runner of a larger mold. Gammaflux Managing Director Rene Bertschi says that at a cost of $500, the capability will be welcomed by operators who only occasionally use molds with a very high number of control zones. Gammaflux has also added a sequential startup function to the TTC 2100 that provides time- and power-controlled heating of a hot runner mold system, intended to reduce consumption of electricity at peak load rates that often accompanies the start of production when all molds and machines are brought online simultaneously. Gammaflux GmbH, Wiesbaden, Germany, +49 (0) 611-97343-0 www.gammaflux.de

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