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August 23, 2008

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Testing machines use hydraulically powered actuators

NP_Tinius_ac.gifA new line of hydraulically powered, universal testing machines allows for critical material testing up to 3000 kN. The Super L can test for compression, tension, transverse, and other properties on materials and assemblies. Using a portable control with LCD monitor, the unit allows handheld operation at the load frame. The crosshead is adjustable, and optional hydraulically actuated grips can be opened or closed for piece placement. The three-line LCD shows results in lbf, N, or kgf. Optional equipment tests for position and strain values in addition to loads. Speed can be displayed if the unit is equipped with position instrumentation and signal conditioners. All equipment comes with compact footprints.An optional servocontrol?s closed loop function monitors test progress and regulates the rate according to preset parameters. This option allows users to perform tests where a material is checked for crosshead speed at the onset, strain rate through yield, and then back to crosshead speed at failure. This servocontrol can be retrofitted to existing Super Ls that are located in the field.The package is guaranteed to meet ASTM, ISO, and other international measurement associations? guidelines. Measuring accuracy is reportedly between ±.5 percent of the indicated load from .2 to 100 percent of capacity. Machine capacities range from 30,000 to 400,000 lbf on the standard line, to rapid sequence production testing models with a capacity range of 30,000 to 200,000 lbf. The Super L features open-front crossheads, but for extreme testing the manufacturer can provide units that handle 600,000 lbf or more.

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