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July 1, 2004

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The Battle of Cincinnati

As Cincinnati Extrusion gets ready to launch itself in the NAFTA market and to go head-to-head with its ex-sister company Cincinnati Milacron for the first time, it is undertaking a substantial revamp of its equipment range for pipe and profile. Examples will be on show at parent company SMS Plastics Technology's stand at K 2004.

The Alpha series of off-the-shelf profile extruders launched in two versions (45-25B and 60-25B) at K 2001 is being extended. The 45-28F and 60-28F are especially suited to processing thermoplastic elastomers, while the Alpha 45-28G and Alpha 60-28G extruders with coarse-grooved feed zones are for filled and unfilled polypropylene.

Completely new is a range of downstream aggregates for pipe and profile extrusion that complement the Alpha extruders for production of tubes up to 63 mm diameter. A small PH die head is available for processing PVC, whereas dies from the IRIS series are recommended for other thermoplastics.There is also a cooling aggregate with a 4m vacuum tank, 12m full bath, belt haul-off cutting device, and guillotine or saw, according to customer preference.

More twin-screws

The Argos 72 EA and Argos 93 EA (Edition Alpha) are two models from the existing Argos series of parallel-screw extruders that have been adapted to the Alpha marketing concept and customized for single-strand window profile extrusion. The Argos 72 EA that will run at K reaches an output from 80 to 220 kg/hr with screw speeds between 10 and 30 rev/min, the 93 EA have a maximum output of 340 kg/hr.

Cincinnati Extrusion claims Konos conical extruders are the most modern, compact, and cost-efficient conical machines on the market. Output is 20% higher than in previous (Titan) conicals, thanks to heavy-duty drives and longer screws. Target applications include plastication of shear-sensitive materials, natural-fiber-content products, co-extrusion, and jobs calling for frequent change of dies and materials.

One-step processing of wood composites is 10 times faster

Cincinnati first showed its Fiberex wood extrusion line running at K 2001. In the meantime, it says its process technology "has finally come very close to standard profile extrusion processes." A complete line with a Fiberex T 58 extruder will process 120 kg/hr, with linear output of 3 m/min—10 times faster than three years ago. It cites innovative water cooling and calibration technology as the main factors for the output increase. The line's equipped with a gravimetric metering system for up to four materials, promoting direct wood flour processing and eliminating separate material preparation. As a result, material costs are 40% lower.

The company will also demonstrate a manufacturing system for agricultural drip irrigation pipes, jointly developed with America's DRTS.

The "Drip Tape Line" turnkey production concept uses an embossed PE tape. In a two-step process, a 5-by-3-mm rectangular tape is extruded and guided over an embossing roll. While guided, it passes through a horizontal injection unit into the pipe, also manufactured from PE, and is welded onto the pipe's interior surface.

The process provides high precision in embossing the tape and positioning of the drip holes. Cincinnati Extrusion, Vienna, Austria; +43 1 610060; www.cet-austria.com

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