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January 1, 2002

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Thickness Gauge Measures Individual Layers

prod_foc_135.jpgA new precision thickness gauge has the ability to isolate individual layers in multilayered material. The Model 25 Multi Plus ultrasonic thickness gauge can reportedly make accurate one-sided measurements on most engineering materials of different shapes and sizes, and a new feature allows it to simultaneously display thickness measurements for up to four different material layers. Stored setups like sound velocity let the gauge display the four layers' thickness.

The barrier layer mode can isolate thin layers found in multilayered parts like bottle preforms. The absence of separation between the echo of the front and back of a barrier layer can hamper measurements in typical gauges, but the Multi Plus' barrier mode reportedly measures these easily. The gauge's wide-thickness range is .1 to 500 mm with resolution up to .001 mm.

The controls consist of a keypad with an LCD screen that stores 25 default transducer setups for direct contact, delay line, and immersion transducers. Up to 35 custom transducer storage locations allow saving and access setups for many applications.

Panametrics Inc., Waltham, MA
(781) 899-2719

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