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Three-In-One System Includes Sprue Picker, Granulator, Hopper Loader

August 1, 2001

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Three-In-One System Includes Sprue Picker, Granulator, Hopper Loader

August, 2001

Material Recovery:

Three-In-One System Includes Sprue Picker,Granulator, Hopper Loader

0801pn-4.jpgAutomated Assemblies' Express 3000 system consists of a sprue picker, granulator and hopper loader and is designed to provide molders with a closed-loop material recovery system for less than $13,000. The sprue picker performs part and runner separation out of the mold, the granulator performs size reduction operation and the hopper loader loads reground material back into the injection molding machine.

The Express 3000 represents the first product offering from the company outside its line of robotics and automation systems.

Features of the individual pieces of equipment include:

  • The sprue picker is said to be simple to set up and has an integrated controller. It comes in three sizes: 18, 24 and 32 in. vertical.

  • The granulator has a tangential feed cutting chamber that measures 6 x 14 in., slant-knife arrangement and an average throughput of 120 lb/hr.

  • The hopper loader features quick release latches and drop-in filters for easy maintenance and material change.

Automated Assemblies Corp.
Clinton, MA

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